St. Joseph's
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Ways to Give

Planned Giving requires planning because many of the gifts are complex. The staff of the Development Office would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your options.


A bequest in your Will to your parish or favorite Diocesan ministry or program is an acknowledgement of your returning to God the gifts He has bestowed on you during your lifetime.

Charitable bequests have a significant impact on estate taxes and let your family know what charities were important to you. Please contact our office for sample clauses to include in your Will.

Life Insurance

Contributions of life insurance can also be made to a registered charity such as your parish or the Diocese of Calgary. When you make a charity a beneficiary of the policy it does not diminish your estate value, proceeds are paid out directly to the charity and taxes and probate fees do not reduce the gift.

When you make your parish or the Diocese both the owner and beneficiary of a policy (new or existing), the insurance premiums are considered a donation and eligible for a charitable donation receipt. The cash surrender value of an existing policy can also be given as a charitable gift.

Gift of Listed Securities

When you donate gifts of shares, and other securities to your parish or the Diocese, you benefit in two ways:
  1. You receive a charitable donation receipt for the full amount of the value of the security when transferred to the charity
  2. You are excluded from paying capital gains taxes on the gift.

Gift of Retirement Plan Accumulations

Gifts of Registered Retirement Plans (RRSP, RRIF) can be made to your parish or the Diocese upon death and the tax credit can be used to offset the tax payable on the proceeds. You may want to consider including a favorite charity as a contingent beneficiary in case your original beneficiary pre-deceases you.