St. Joseph's

Planting a Future: The Diocese Program

From November 2012 to October 2013 the Diocese celebrated its Centennial. As part of the Centennial celebrations, the Diocese launched its Planned Giving Program. Drawing on the theme of the Bishop’s Centennial Dinner, the program is called Planting a Future: Planned Giving for the Diocese of Calgary. The purpose of having a Diocesan Planned Giving Program is twofold: education and opportunity.


Many of our priests get inquiries from their parishioners about making planned gifts to the church. The Diocese recognizes that our priests are shepherds, not financial planners. As such, they needed some support and resources for these types of questions. The Planned Giving Program will fill this need.

We know that a lot of our parishioners have never heard of Planned Giving and do not realize the potential hazards of leaving their estates to their heirs without a Will. Or, they do not realize the amazing impact they could have on the charities they love and serve (including the Church) so passionately during their lifetime. The Diocesan Planned Giving program will provide educational opportunities for them in this regard.


The Diocesan Planned Giving Program also gives an opportunity to those who love and serve the Church for giving back. The Church relies on the generosity of its parishioners for the time, talent and treasure it takes to make her the living, breathing Bride of Christ that she is. Our Planned Giving program is a way to offer your treasure, in an act of Christian Stewardship, to benefit the Church in a meaningful way.

Christian stewardship is a way of life based on the awareness that everything we have and everything we are comes from God. It is counter-cultural. Stewardship requires us to recognize our dependence on God and one another in a culture that praises self-sufficiency. Stewardship cultivates an attitude of abundance in a society focused on need. As an act of Stewardship, you may wish to make charitable bequests in your Will to your parish or the Diocese.

Photo: © Mariusz Sztuk