Feed the Hungry

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Feed the Hungry is proud to serve a family-style sit-down Sunday Dinner almost every week for those in our community who may have a need. Anyone who would like a hot meal is welcome to come!
Dinner Time:
3:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Please note that we are closed the two Sundays during the Stampede and for one or two Sundays during the Christmas break.
St. Mary’s Hall,
221 18th Avenue SW
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On Sundays, Please call Hall at 403-228-6318 if you have any further questions.
We serve the following:
• Salad
• Main entrée. Up to two plates of food. This plate has the recommended portion of protein, starch, and vegetables.
• Cake for dessert

Please be cautious if you have any allergies or sensitivities as we make food for the general public. Furthermore, we often do not have a vegetarian or vegan option. Due to health regulations, no meals are allowed to be taken out of the Hall.
Guests line-up prior to the dinner. We do not provide washroom facilities to guests until 2:00, when security comes. Intoxication is not tolerated out of respect to all our guests, staff, and volunteers. Guests demonstrating intoxicated behaviour will be asked to leave.

General guests enter St. Mary’s Hall via the north entrance on 18th Avenue SW. The Feed the Hungry side door, located on the east side of the building, is for families with children under 18, persons with disabilities, single women, and seniors.

North Entrance
North Entrance
East Entrance
East Entrance

We are not responsible for any stolen items.
Please note that we do not supply hampers at this location.

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About Us Feed the Hungry exists to create a different type of Sunday for Calgary’s impoverished.

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Sponsor a Dinner We are thankful to our loyal sponsors who make each dinner possible.

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Volunteer If we could get more individuals to interact with homeless individuals one-on-one, they would realize it boils down to one human being dealing with another; two human beings with the same needs and the same wants.

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Feed the Hungry